Here we go again: Amanda Bynes labels American Pie actor Jason Biggs ugly in her latest string of bizarre Twitter attacks

After her recent arrest, subsequent media circus and eviction from her New York City apartment, Bynes has lashed out at a wide variety of different celebrities on Twitter, ranging from Miley Cyrus to Lance Bass.
On Thursday night, the troubled actress sent a series of text messages to her friend Jonathan Jaxon, who promptly posted them on his Twitter account.
In them, she appeared to admit her increasingly strange behaviour was nothing more than a childish ploy to increase her fame and gain more Twitter followers in advance of a movie role.

Then celebrity therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky weighed in on Bynes's condition: 'I think it may be time to leave @AmandaBynes alone. She will get help if she wants it & if she needs it,hopefully before serious consequences.'
Not surprisingly, the Easy A actress responded in her usual, childish way: '@drdrew WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What kind of help are you referring to? You're ugly and I want you to leave me alone!' 
At some point over the course of the day, she also began following The Illuminati.

It all began when Bynes wrote: 'If you're not hot I don't care about you.'
The American Pie star responded to her random tweet with: 'This self-hatred really must stop, Amanda.'
To which Bynes retorted: '@JasonBiggs you're so ugly I won't talk to you.'
Shortly thereafter Bynes ramble-tweeted: 'You get turned on but what you are not by what you're not.'
To which Biggs responded again with this hilarious tweet: 'Are you having a stroke?'
However, Bynes didn't find it funny, responding both to Biggs and another follower who had apparently crossed her with: '@TwitFlickR @JasonBiggs what a joke you both are good luck getting laid by anything with a vagina.'

A day after eating her words against rapper Drake on Twitter, Amanda Bynes is back on the offensive.

The troubled actress spent much of the day calling random followers ugly, telling them she doesn't care about them and lodging threats those she believes to be enemies, like 'If I don't like you I don't want you to be happy and I'll go out of my way to hurt you' and 'If you steal from me you'll pay a price.'

However, when actor Jason Biggs finally weighed in on the 27-year-old's ramblings, the insults started flying again

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