If you are interested to make extra income money every month regularly just by working for two to three hours in a week then this website will help you to do that. What if this extra income will help you pay your all loans forever and fulfill your financial dreams? What you have to do is read this article and follow us by submitting your email ID. and get regular tips on how to make money on internet.

There are some websites which allows sharing of revenue. 
Revenue sharing is of two types.
A) Without Adsense account :, With this you have to just write bog post and generate traffic to your posts over , they pay royalty for writing, you may donate the income or get as pay cheque or as direct deposit in to your bank account.

B) With own Adsense account :
If you have your own google adsense account, and your websites are not getting traffic, you have a very good alternative , , you just write a article and publish it over , if you have google adsense account you create ads and save , your ads from your adsense account are shown on your articles, generally these articles get good traffic and attain good page rank in short period of time , this website is very good for developing back links to your website or blog.

8) Writing news: 

9) Writing content for others blog and website. Ghostwriter it’s like writing for other person, you will not get any credits but you will make money by writing blogs for others. 
Where to find websites and blogs for writing job freelance writers job.?
The most reliable place for developing a freelancing business as ghost writer is Signup and write about your self and then you start getting offers to work on campaign basis and there is great scope for writers. One can make good money by working online there.

1) Google Adsense.
2) Google Adwords.
5) Online advertising. 
6) Selling your products online. (,, 
7) Publishing books online. (
8) Affiliate Programs. ( ,, )
9) Online revenue sharing:

1) Google Adsense: is a program by if you own a good website, then this program is one of best on net to make some good money. Google pays a part of money earned from their advertisers. You have to put advertisement links on your website, this is done inbuilt code, you need to copy and paste. We have provided every minute detail about how to make money on internet with Google over here.
2) Google Adwords: If you hold a business and wont to drive customers from online community or you want to sell your products online, or you want to simply do branding of your product and business, Google adword is the best option for that.

Instead of giving advertisement in TV or other place, it is always better to advertise your business over, Its my experience that doing so is always beneficial and advantageous. So if you have a website for your business and want to develop popularity of your brand then advertise on its very cost effect method.

If you want to sell your product online then advertise with Google Adword.
Why advertising on Google is effective?
People search on Google and Google is the most widely used for searching any thing on internet, when a prospect customer is searching for a product as that of yours , Google will show advertisement of your website and your product will customer will be seen by your customer , if he is interested he will buy your product , if not you can collect his contact information and feedback form on your website and later on contact the customer with better offer. Lastly you do punch name of your product and your brand , which help in developing brand.
This mode is used by many online business holders and its one of most successful method.
3) is the website which is just similar to Google adsense , if you have a good website then can signup for this as well and see how they operate, but it is preferred that you keep only one advertiser , either Google or Chitika Ads, I prefer Google Adsense.
There are other online revenue sharing advertising networks like Google Adsense ,
4) This is similar to Google Adsense, the advertisements shown are unique they are tagged in to text as text link ads. One can try this as well.
I had earn good money from Chitika and but I am not using that now. If yo have huge traffic then these are very helpful in making extra income. 
5) Online advertising :
If you have a website you may directly sell a ad space on your website, for monthly fees. You will get advertisements if you have developed a brand and rapport with online community. Then this is one of best option for regular earnings.
There are several websites on internet which facilitate finding an advertiser for your website.
The best method is to advertise your website on google adwords for few months with the key word “Advertise on this website” you tend to develop a rapport and your page rank too will increase.

How to make money on internet with affiliate programs and online business websites.?

Which are other methods for making money online?
This is an online store; this is one of most successful in selling various ranges of product online, and a pioneer in eCommerce revolution, There are billions of people who use internet and there is great capability and market available for selling products to those using internet , in coming days internet will be used by almost all population and will be preferred for commercial transactions, so there is huge opportunity. 

How you can sell your products on : 
You just need to signup with all details like address and contact information, and provide details of your products in the listing, You can make your own website, and advertise your products, amazone allows customer to make payment and place order for your product. You are then intimated for order , then you have to ship your product. If you want Amazone to do shiping as well this service too is provided , with some fees and just need to concentrate on product development and branding.

7) Self publish your book : has developed good rapport for books , people prefer to buy books from , so if you have authored a book you can publish it few minutes and it appears on their site in 24 hours for selling, you get good royalty for each sell, and you have complete control, its very easy.

8) Amazon Affiliate program: 
If you have website , and getting good traffic then you can make money by becoming affiliate of , you need to signup for the program , submit your website for review, and once it is done you have to develop a products list ion in the form of product store and put it on your website, for each sale earn commission, one of my friend is making about $1000 a month with this , his website gets huge traffic.

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